22 Jan 2018

WHMCS Notify Extended v 1.5.1 is here!


I’m proud to announce the release ofI’m proud to announce the release of WHMCS Notify Extended v 1.5.1 . The primary focus of this release is to remove the Pushalot extension, however there are a number of bug fixes that have gone into this release as well. Here’s just a few:

  • Telegram had an issue parsing some text.
  • Misc. services were not sending out the variables for Invoice ID and amount total
  • The payment gateway (for invoices) no longer relies on the file name, instead takes the friendly name used
  • When credit is used towards a payment, the amount owed would reflect $0.00 in some cases
  • Message titles were not set appropriately via Pushover in some*cases
  • Check / uncheck settings for users weren’t saved in Telegram
  • This update also confirms WHMCS v7.4 usability.

There’s still lots to add to the Notify Extended addon. Keep your eyes on this forum  for more  information and updates there!


19 Jan 2018
15 Jan 2018

Disabling two factor authentication in WHMCS

I ran across this issue today, and you may run across it yourself over time. Disabling two factor authentication in WHMCS can be tricky if you don’t actually have access to the account, device, or admin side to take care of this. Personally, I feel WHMCS should handle this better, but that’s just my own opinion. Each is very well welcome to their own.
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13 Jan 2018

welcome to 2018!

First off, let me start by apologizing. 2017 was not the best for development as far as WHMCS Guru is concerned, and I can only apologize for that. Certain circumstances prevented updates and development from being undertaken in a timely manner, and, again, I can only apologize for this.
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20 Apr 2017

WHMCS Notify Extended 1.5 is here!

Today, I’m happy to announce that WHMCS Notify Extended 1.5 is available for download.
Some key features of 1.5:
  1. PHP 7 support is finally here.
  2. Expanded Telegram and Pushalot support
  3. Ryver support is now official
  4. Configuration settings are now encrypted
  5. Check all enabled for support department alerts
  6. Mass enable for alert configurations
  7. No more javascript popup (now bootbox)
  8. Misc SMS bugfixes
  9. Invoice reminder notification (staff and clients)
  10. Domain renewal reminder notification (staff and clients)
  11. Nags now run on a different cron (not when the page is called)
  12. Language overhaul
  13. Misc libraries added
This release has been quite a bit coming, but due to the configuration rewrite had to be postponed until it could be 100% solid. Still, I very strongly advise you take a backup of your WHMCS database before upgrading! This is very , very important.
If you are upgrading from a previous version, you will need to remove your old cron entry and update it, following the instructions provided here. Make sure you move the ‘crons’ directory to where you store your crons, if that’s separate from WHMCS.
As always, if you see problems, please do let us know by opening a ticket! We’ll get on fixing those as quickly as we can!
05 Aug 2016

WHMCS mail problems in php 5.6?

WHMCS has made the decision to force users to update to php 5.6 in order to receive updates in the future. While good, there are indeed WHMCS mail problems in php 5.6.

To be fair, the problems aren’t WHMCS problems directly, but they COULD be avoided by not forcing users to update to a version of php which is riddled with a pretty major hole.

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10 Jun 2016

Adding cron files to WHMCS

So, WHMCS has the ability for you to isolate the cron directory. This is a great feature, as it provides a bit of security. What if you wanted to add cron files to WHMCS though? For example, what if you really didn’t want something as a hook, but only run once in a while (say, every day, two days, etc)? How would you go about this? This guide will walk you through adding cron files to WHMCS, and tying them into the system.

As always, if you need any help with custom development, or need a guide, please do contact us. We’re always here and always ready to help you out

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10 Jun 2016

Adding an item for logged in users with WHMCS

With the hooks and menu system available in WHMCS v6, it’s entirely possible to have your users see a completely different menu item if they’re logged in, as opposed to if they aren’t. This quick blog post will guide you through adding an item for logged in users with WHMCS.

As always, if you need assistance, please, do contact us. If you’d like us to modify this for you, or put something similar together for you with our custom development experience? Again, contact us. We’re absolutely here to help you out!

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09 Jun 2016

WHMCS Service Information Display

In WHMCS v5, there was an area of the template where ‘service information’ was shown. I’m referring to the username, server, domain, etc. With the v6 template, this disappeared. Using this action hook, you can return the WHMCS service information display to your clients. Take a look. As always, if you have questions, please do contact us. If you want something custom developed, or customized, again, please do contact us. We’re absolutely here and ready to help however we can.

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09 Jun 2016