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Keeping track of your WHMCS cron jobs

Your WHMCS cron is your money maker. It’s the beast that keeps your income flowing. Invoices generate from it, cards are charged, everything is done right through here. Surprisingly, however, many don’t know when this is problematic. They don’t keep an eye on it, and don’t catch the problem until it’s far, far too late.

WHMCS Database tips and tricks – The queries

So, we’ve covered the basics. We’ve covered the parts of the schema. Now, it’s time to go through the database itself, the queries that you’ll likely use on a day to day basis. We’ll continue working on our ‘mynewaddon’ addon. This won’t really show much, but at the end of the tips and tricks guide,

WHMCS Database tips and tricks – The schema

If you’re following along, I covered the database basics yesterday. So, today, for today’s WHMCS Database tips and tricks entry, we’ll take a look at the database schema when working with WHMCS. This is a slight bit more complicated. If you didn’t go through the schema link from yesterday, I strongly encourage you to do so