Disabling two factor authentication in WHMCS

I ran across this issue today, and you may run across it yourself over time. Disabling two factor authentication in WHMCS can be tricky if you don’t actually have access to the account, device, or admin side to take care of this. Personally, I feel WHMCS should handle this better, but that’s just my own opinion. Each is very well welcome to their own.

WHMCS Tips and Tricks – WHMCS upgrades gone wrong

So, we covered the upgrade yesterday. Yet, far too often,  we run into WHMCS upgrades gone wrong. Something is messy, or something just doesn’t work as expected, or, well, it just doesn’t work like you need. How to fix it? How to revert things? There’s a few things that can be done for WHMCS upgrades gone wrong. If all else fails, hey, please do contact us, and we’ll work with you and see what we can do to help you get straightened out!

WHMCS Tips and Tricks – Part 3 – UPGRADING WHMCS!

Upgrading WHMCS can be kind of tricky, especially when you’re going from major release to major release (ie: 5 to 6). There’s a pretty good chance that something’s gone missing, or something’s going to break. Even worse, it’s entirely possible that there’s bugs that the WHMCS team, and their testing didn’t catch.  So, what to do? How to ensure a somewhat trouble free upgrade?

WHMCS Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks – Part 2 – WSOD!

If you’ve been around the Windows world long enough, you know what the BSOD is. It’s nasty, it’s ugly, and even though Microsoft claims to have gotten rid of it, it still exists in a very different way. I bet you didn’t know, however, that there is such a thing as the WSOD (white screen of death) that is referred to by php developers and users alike. How can one figure out these errors? With WHMCS, this can be kind of complicated, but that’s what the point of this is, helping you get past these issues.