Our Current promotions

Everybody likes a good deal right? Of course. That’s why we’re offering the following promotions at this time. Do keep checking back quite frequently. If the coupon code is said to be ‘invalid’, then it has been all used up (or expired). Keep checking this page, we’ll have new goodies up all the time, so just keep coming back, keep on checking .

10% off of our  cron or user validation scripts . Use code 10off
5% off of our support extended addon . Use code 5off
1 incident of support absolutely, 100% free, for a limited time. Use coupon code 1free .
Free basic installation. Use coupon freeinstall.

Product Bundles:

We have two very special product bundles. No other discounts allowed for these
#1: Support and Notifications  [ order now ] Both of these products operate quite well without each other, but together, well, let’s just say they complement each other really well. You will receive our Support Tickets Enhance and Notifications Extended module together for a discount. Given that we have a LOT in store for the support module, this is an incredibly good deal.

#2 Cron and Notifications [ order now ] The WHMCS Notifications Extended addon really complements the Cron Notifications addon. Now, you can rest even more assured. Email, sms, chat, pushover? Yeah, you’ll know .

Last updated:
May 23, 2016