07 Jun

Updated WHMCS domain renewal template

As you may know, WHMCS emails can be edited and templated. There’s a good deal of work that can be done here. The next set of articles will focus on this ability, and changing WHMCS emails to suit your needs. As always, if you need assistance, or would like us to help you customize the WHMCS emails to your liking, do contact us .

First up? An updated WHMCS domain renewal template.

The problem:

When receiving the default domain renewal notice, your client can be confused. Is their domain renewing automatically? Is their domain not renewing automatically? Of course, this leads to a support ticket which will mean more work for you.

The solution:

This updated WHMCS domain renewal template will address this problem. When your client receives this email, they will know if they need to take action. This will provide the added benefit of cutting down on support tickets.

The Template:
  1. Go into whmcs -> admin -> setup -> email templates. Edit the ‘Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice’ template.
  2. Toggle the ‘Enable / Disable Rich Text Editor’ option (you don’t want this enabled right now)
  3. Copy and paste the following code , replacing everything in the text box
Save your template, and you’re done.