At WHMCS Guru, we feel it’s important to listen to client feedback. After all, you wouldn’t just trust anyone with your server data, right? More importantly, you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your billing information, right?

Since our parent company began in 2002, we’ve been collecting feedback over the years. This is just a short list of what we could compile.

Thanks for the two hours deal, I do appreciate it and will use yo u in the future (as well as recommend you)!


Again, thank you for the fine service and you can use me or my company as a reference at any time.


I’ve very much appreciated your help and have recommended your se rvices to a few colleagues


Hey Everyone

Well what you read about tom is absolutely true

The service provided and the work done is 2nd to none.

We actually were with a different company  and the repose time was great at first then disappeared when they realized we never had anyone else to contact.

I came across this company and contacted them.

Tom was unbelievable  I contacted him with our problem and with in 12 hours the work was complete and our clients sites were back on line and running

All l can say is you will be happy and glad you made the choice to get tom involved with the server issues you are having.


One word – “Excellent”. The funny thing is that sometimes I forget the system is being managed. Everything just works the way one would expect and hope. The few times in the beginning when I had some difficulties, Tom worked through them in a timely and professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.


We currently have 3 servers that are professionally administered by Tom, of Linux Tech Networks. If you’re looking for U.S.-based, professional dedicated server management that is high quality and affordable, we recommend Linux Tech Networks. With close to 2 years of professional collaboration, we highly recommend this service.


I talked to Tom, hired him and have thus far be VERY happy with the services received. Admins don’t come cheap, at least not good ones but Tom is the exception to the rule. With him you get cost effective and qualified. He has been very professional, prompt and knowledgable about what he has done for me.


tom have been with us for quite a while now, months actually – and I can only give him my warmest recommendations. It has happend more than once that he has fixed our servers without u s even knowing it. Its like he really just like optimizing, tweaking and messing around with our servers, making sure that they alwa ys run totally smoothe… And the few times that there has been a fire, Tom has been ther to put it out… when I get my warni ng SMS he is normally allready on the job

Excellent service you provide – if ( ok, WHEN :-] ) I’m in need of som e skilled help again I’ll certainly be in touch. And if I hear of anyone needing an admin I’ll send them your way.


I just wanted to say that if anyone is looking for a good sy s admin Tom is it. He knows what he is doing, is quick to respond, and very affordable.


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