WHMCS Addons

WHMCS is quite extendable, and we’re proud to have put together quite a few WHMCS addons. Some free, some paid, they’re all available and right here. Click on the script title for a bit more information, if available.

Need your own addon developed? Need some tweaking to one of ours done? Hey, we can do that for you as well. Please do contact us and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can!

User and IP Extended Control

Our User and IP Extended Control module for WHMCS allows you greater control over your WHMCS install. Block countries, allow only certain countries to order, block users after failed login attemts, allow/block admin countries or IP’s without htaccess modifications, and more.

WHMCS Notifications Extended

Add additional notifications to your WHMCS install and alert methods. Keep track of tickets and add reminders to address them . WHMCS Notifications Extended does just this and more. Check out the product page for more information

Support Tickets Extended

Originally designed as just a ‘watched ticket’  WHMCS addon, we’ve renamed and re-tooled this addon to do a bit more. We’re in the process of turning this into a rather large and extended support addon. Take a look at the ‘more info’ page for a bit further description and what it is that this product does currently.

Cron Notifications Extended

Do you know when the last time your cron job successfully completed? You probably should, since your finances depend heavily on this completing successfully.

WHMCS User Email Validation

Take control over what your users can and cannot do inside of WHMCS. Require user validation for some things, not for others. Ideas for future expansion are, of course, welcome.

WHMCS Server Account List

If you’ve dealt with WHMCS and moving cPanel servers (or accounts), you know that this can be a pain to deal with. WHMCS Server Account List resolves this problem and many more.

What are we up to?

What are we up to? While we’re not going to give you all the gory details (shhhh, it’s a secret), rest assured that we’re working on some pretty cool stuff in our super secret private labs that we’ll get in your hands as soon as we can. Here’s just a brief peek!

Support Enhancements

There’s a number of places the WHMCS helpdesk can use some sprucing up, if you know what we mean. We’re kind of hush hush on these, but there are a number of features we’ll be releasing, one at a time, building towards (eventually) a full helpdesk suite of addons.

Fall 2016

Better TOS / AUP

A much more integrated TOS / AUP system is on the way, trust us. You’ll like it.