WHMCS Cron Notifications

Do you know when your cron last completed? How long did it take? Did it have problems? Most people, believe it or not do not know this. This is probably the biggest problem we run across in WHMCS installs. Since your main finances are tied to your cron, shouldn’t you know for certain the answer to these questions? Our WHMCS Cron Notifications module answers this in a number of ways.

Homepage Widget

Every time you view the home screen of your admin install, you will see a widget which lets you know how long your last backup took, and whether or not it was successful

Email Notifications

Every time your cron starts, if the last was not completed within X hours, an email is going to be mailed to all admins.

Additional Checks

For added precautions, we’ve tied into a number of additional hooks, which you can enable (by default, all disabled). This will email you as well, if the cron has not completed within X hours.

Log Viewer

We have implemented a log viewing facility which will assist you in debugging what part of your cron job needs assistance

Personal Assistance

Best of all, we’re always here to help you out. Is your cron job not functioning properly? Well, then, give us a shout. We’ll take care of fixing that up for you as soon as possible. Just contact us

Alert Points

WHMCS Cron Notifications can be configured to check and ensure that your cron has been running properly when certain points of your site are loaded as well. These are disabled by default, but it’s advisable to enable at least one or two of these points. This can be done in the addon configuration section.

Admin Login

Client Logout

New Order

Admin Homepage

client Homepage

New Ticket

Client Registration

Client Login

Notifications Extended

Don’t just get email notifications.  Our WHMCS Cron Notifications module works wonderfully with our WHMCS Notifications Extended module. Purchasing both in a bundle will save $5 over purchasing them separately.