WHMCS Server Account list

WHMCS Server Account List will allow you to perform mass account functionality inside of WHMCS, where directly related to WHMCS.

If you’ve ever used WHMCS when it comes to hosting, you know that when it comes to moving servers, this can be a pain. You have to

  1. Move the account in cPanel
  2. Login to WHMCS
  3. Find the Account
  4. Click on the service
  5. Click the Dropdown and select the new server
  6. Click ‘Update’.

WHMCS Server Account List enables you to do the internal WHMCS stuff from one single page en masse. This effectively condenses the last 3 steps.. You can move all of your clients from server a to server b via cPanel (or your preferred panel), then login to WHMCS, pull up the addon and then reassign them inside of WHMCS.

WHMCS Server Account List comes in a ‘lite’ and ‘pro’ version.
The lite version of WHMCS Server Account List simply allows you to rearrange the accounts in WHMCS, nothing more.

The pro version of WHMCS Server Account List will be available late summer 2016 and will allow you to do more, such as

  1. Clean up cancelled accounts
  2. Clean up terminated accounts
  3. Suspend accounts properly en masse
  4. Cancel accounts properly en masse
  5. Terminate accounts properly en masse.

If you have any questions regarding WHMCS Server Account List, please do Contact Us. We’ll be happy to help as we can.