Truly Awesome Services

With over 10 years of WHMCS experience, we are proud to provide a good number of WHMCS services. From custom development to pre-designed scripts to installation to support services to WHMCS training  to upgrades , we do pretty much anything legally allowed with WHMCS. Not seeing something that you’re looking for here? Please, do contact us and we’ll get back with you!

Installation Services

Installing WHMCS can be easy, but many times it’s not so much. We work to make this as painless as it can be for you, for everyone. After all, why should you have to fight just to get a piece of software installed? That’s just not right.

WHMCS Addons

We’ve been putting together WHMCS scripts for quite some time. While some of those are not possible to be released publicly, due to NDA’s and all that, we do make every effort to make these publicly available.

Not seeing something you want here? Hey, that’s ok. Contact us, and we’ll see what we can do in order to work something out with you. We don’t guarantee that this is possible, but we’ll do everything we can.

Migrating to WHMCS

Migrating to WHMCS from another billing client? Let us take care of this for you. We’ve been working with WHMCS and other billing clients long enough to be familiar with the process and develop some stress free processes in order to get things done.

WHMCS Management

We offer a monthly plan that covers day to day WHMCS management, supervision of operations, coordination with WHMCS support, upgrades, ensuring everything is running smoothly. You focus on the business, we’ll focus on the billing aspect of this and make sure that things run smoothly.

WHMCS Training

WHMCS can be rather daunting to the beginner. Let us walk you through the basics, answer the questions you have, help you get your billing platform setup. We’ll schedule a couple of two hour training sessions which will focus on you, specifically. No pre-formed plans here.


Upgrading WHMCS can be quite challenging. Let WHMCS Guru take the reigns and ensure that your upgrade goes smoothly. We’ll make sure that your plugins are ready to go, test everything we can before the actual upgrade process. Relax, we’ve got this.

Support Services

While we love the WHMCS software, anyone who’s familiar with their support team knows that getting support from them can be rather time consuming and frustrating. Let us take responsibility for that and provide you with the superior support service that you deserve as a client.

Moving WHMCS Servers

Moving WHMCS servers can be kind of difficult. We’re here to help. We’ll step in, coordinate and execute the plan to get everything moved over as swiftly and seamlessly as possible!

It's not work if it's what you love

This is a philosophy that we live by. Working with the WHMCS software has brought us a good deal more joy over the past few years than anything. We are truly blessed.