WHMCS Installation Services

WHMCS Guru will happily install your WHMCS setup for you. We have a number of options available  here, all explained through the links below. Before you have us install this for you, you’ll have to make sure to obtain a valid WHMCS license

Basic Installation


This is just a WHMCS install with basic configuration. We’ll login to your control panel, setup the database, secure it as needed, then install WHMCS. Should any problems come up, we’ll address them with either WHMCS, or your server support.



We will setup your WHMCS install and configure it , as follows. If you need more, let us know and we’ll work something out with you

  • Basic WHMCS configuration

    All the work needing to be done to get your WHMCS configured properly

  • Support Departments

    Support department email configuration with your provider or control panel (max 5 departments)

  • Service setup and configuration

    Service configuration (max 5 services)

  • Server Configuration

    We’ll setup, configure, and test up to 3 servers for you

  • Gateway Configuration

    We’ll setup and configure Paypal, plus one other gateway, testing it to make sure it works

Security Additions


With this minor addition, we’ll login and secure your setup , following WHMCS best practices, and, if SSH is enabled, test crons , make sure that they’re functioning as needed.

Server Setup


This will usually involve us having to login to your server as ‘root’,  however we’ll happily do so and make sure that your server is capable of running WHMCS. As the amount of work for this varies, please do contact us , and we’ll work out a quote for you.



We’ll work with you for one half hour block, getting you acclimated with WHMCS and teaching you the very basics of day to day operations..
This is not meant to be a standalone service, or a replacement for our in depth training course . If you haven’t worked with WHMCS before, we definitely recommend this as well.